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Little Giant 509204 Dominator 4/10 Horsepower Sewage Pump

Little Giant 509204 Dominator 4/10 Horsepower Sewage PumpLittle Giant 509204 Dominator 4/10 Horsepower Sewage Pump


  • Handles liquids and solid waste materials up to 2″ diameter
  • Cast iron pump housing and cover with protective epoxy coating for corrosion resistance
  • Oil-filled motor housing for lifetime lubrication and rapid heat dissipation
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Mechanical seals (stainless steel spring, nitrile parts, carbon and ceramic faces)
  • Thermal overload protection
  • All 115 volt models are UL/CSA listed

Little Giant Pumps offers a huge line of pumps for different applications

little giant waste water pump
Little Giant Pumps has been serving the plumbing industry for over 80 years. All of their products and parts are made with the best materials and the most innovative designs. When they come out with a new pump, the engineers use only the most current technology. Plumbing systems are becoming more and more complex, and there is a real need to keep up with the times.

Little Giant offers a huge line of pumps for different applications, they have Wastewater Pumps, Magnetic Drive Pumps, Pool Pumps and Aquarium Pumps just to name a few. But what happens when you are in need of a new sewage pump for your sewage system? You can turn to Little Giant; they are the leaders in submersible sewage pumps. The 9S Cim is perfect for use in lift stations, as well as for residential homes that may need to pump out sewage or wastewater. The 9S-Cim is able to handle liquids and solid waste up to 2″ in diameter. The pump housing is made from a cast iron material and is protected with an epoxy coating to help protect against corrosion and rust. One of the better features of the 9S-Cim is that it is an oil filled motor housing, meaning that you will never have to worry about filling up your motor again. It will also help protect the motor from getting hot too fast.