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Time To Replace Your Swamp Pump? Try The Little Giant Swamp Cooler Pump

LITTLE GIANT 1/70 HP 307 GPH Swamp Cooler Pump

The swamp cooler sump pump is a critical component for an efficient swamp cooler. If your swamp pump stops working, your house will not become and stay cool.

How A Swamp Cooler Works

Small hose lines supply water to the top of aspen wood pads. Once the water soaks through the pads, it trickles down into a sump pump at the bottom of the swamp cooler.

The sump pump. such as a Little Giant, recirculates the water and sends it back to the top of the pads. The Little Giant swamp cooler pump keeps the pads from drying out.

If your swamp cooler pump stops working and you discover the pads have dried out, then you  most likely need to replace your swamp cooler pump.